Affiliate Links

Below is a list of all the companies I am affiliated with. Please feel free to use my affiliate links below, but there is also no pressure either. I believe in each of these companies and what they stand for. I am certain you will love them just as much as I do!

Book of the Month

Book of the Month is my FAVORITE monthly book subscription! I have had my subscription for over two years now, and I plan on keeping it! Book of the Month provides 5 books a month to choose from and make your BOTM. The books they choose generally feature debut authors, early releases, and new perspectives. If there isn’t a book that snags your attention, no worries, you can skip that month and you won’t be charged! If you are unable to decide between books, this frequently happens to me, you can easily choose them as an add-on. BOTM allows 2 add-ons a month that each are $9.99, which is a great price for hard cover books. Feel free to use my affiliate link above which will give you a 12 month subscription for $12.50 per book (this is the subscription I have).

Wholesome Culture

Wholesome Culture is a clothing brand that is inspiring people across the globe to live a plant-based life. They donate 10% of their profits to animal rescues and environmental organizations. They don’t mass produce like most companies, but instead all products are ethically made in WRAP certified factories. All shirts are printed using water-based inks and they ship using recycled packaging. Although I myself, am not a vegetarian, I love this company and what they stand for. They address all the environmental issue with their clothing, and have even started making bamboo straws and reusable tumblers to cut down on single use plastic. I love their shirts and logos, and have several items myself. If you are interested in learning about living a plant-based lifestyle or trying to help bring awareness to issues such as animal rights, or protecting our oceans and planet, please check out Wholesome Culture. By using my affiliate link above, you will get a 10% discount code on any of your purchases!


SipsBy is an Austin,TX based company that focuses on curating a monthly box with teas picked out just for you! This is the only other subscription box service I subscribe to, and I love them! When you first join you will take a quiz to find your likes and dislikes is in the world of teas. Each month, you will receive four hand selected teas that are based off of your unique taste. Each tea selection can make up to 15 fresh and delicious cups of tea. After you try each of your new teas, you encouraged to rate them all online and the box as a whole. The more teas you rate, the better the teas align with your taste. I personally love SipsBy because they pick teas for me that I would never choose. Because of that I have found several favorites that I buy regularly and keep stashed away in my pantry. If you are a tea drinker, check out SipsBy because they are right up your alley! By using the affiliate link above, you’ll get $5 off your first month.

*Disclosure: I am also an Amazon Affiliate, and all blog posts contain affiliate links to each of the books talked about here on B00ks in Paradise. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*