Book Review: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

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BiP Rating: 5/5

Verdict: Three Dark Crowns was an AWESOME book!! I haven’t read any new young adult novels in a while, but this is one has made the favorite list! I cannot wait for the sequel to come out (not sure when)! Three Dark Crowns has also peaked my interest in Kendare Blake and I will be picking up some of her other books!!

Synopsis: Every Queen on the island of Fennbirn gives birth to a set of triplets and all of them are very different.Queen Kathrine is the youngest and is a poisoner. She can eat or dink the most dangerous of poisons and not feel a thing.  Queen Arsinoe is a naturalist. She can control the most dangerous animal and can make an entire field of flowers bloom. Queen Mirabella is the eldest and is an elemental. She can control storms, water, and fire with just a flick of her wrist. However things are not all sunshine and rainbows… order to become the Queen on Fennbrin they must fight. It is a fight of life and death and the last of one standing will become the Queen.

Pros: Very different plot line! I thought I knew where Kendare was going with her book, but I was wrong! She does a great job at developing a lot of minor characters as well as the major characters. The last 38 pages of the book are my favorite! If you enjoy books that are a littler darker this is for you! Three Dark Crowns is considered young adult fantasy, but it has the perfect splash of mature elements in it as well.

Cons: The first couple of chapters were extremely confusing. Once the plot and characters are developed  the confusion is resolved! The places on the island were also very confusing, but the map in the beginning of the book helps a lot! Lastly I don’t know when the sequel is coming out, but it’s too far away!


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