Book Review: Bone Music by Christopher Rice


Bone Music by Christopher Rice

Book 1 of The Burning Girl Series

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If you like mystery mixed with suspense and a sprinkle of the imagination, Bone Music will be right up your alley. Bone Music is the first book in a new series, Burning Girl, by Christopher Rice. Serial killer family mixed with some vigilante action, what can go wrong!?

Book Description

Trina Pierce had survived the worst. She grew up with a pair of serial killers who murdered her mom and tried to make her one of them… Burning Girl, the girl from the movies, raised by serial killers, and now being forced to attend publicity meetings with her real father…Charlotte Rowe thinks she’s finally escaped her scarred past and everyone who tried to control her. Along the way to her new found freedom, Charlotte was secretly dosed with a drug that shouldn’t exist and gives her incredible and unusual abilities. Now she must not only flee her past, but also the corporation that wants to control her… Going after an infamous serial killer, will she finally gain control over her life or will she destroy herself along the way?


The first chapter roped me in and made me wonder where are we going to go from here! It was a wild ride with a mixture of calm and dark moments!  Bone Music dives into serial killers that cover a broad spectrum, from killers believing they are bettering the world to those doing it because they feel like it. Different narrations provide snapshots into the mind of each of these killers and will help you decide who is killing for what reason. These narrations are few and far between, and I found myself speeding though Bone Music just to find out what the killers are going to do next!

The book had a very sophisticated plotline with a lot of different character views along the way. However, our heroine, Charlotte Rowe, provides most of the narration. The short chapters helped move the plot line forward at a breakneck pace and kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the story. Once you get towards the middle of Bone Music, everything slows down, but pay very close attention as this is where the setup starts for the firework ending.

Charlotte Rowe was likable. However, she could have been a bit more personable. I enjoyed watching her progression and transformation from being the hunted to the hunter. With her new superhuman powers, she’s now questioning her humanity and has to decide if she’s a revenge killer or a serial killer catcher, the perfect psychological dilemma for our vigilante heroine!

Although parts of Bone Music are a bit of a reach and seemed unrealistic, there are some scary genuine parts. Large corporations are taking advantage of research subjects, killing some and controlling others. Doing whatever they can to keep their prodigy off the radar and out of trouble!


I picked up Bone Music because everyone was raving about it on Instagram, and it wasn’t something that I planned on reading right away. The middle was definitely the hardest part to get through, and I almost gave up reading it then, but stick with it, and you won’t be disappointed! Did I enjoy Bone Music…yes! Will I pick up the sequel…YES! I do wish we would have heard more about the serial killers who raised her, but maybe they are being saved for the sequel! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Bone Music as much as I did, but I can’t wait to get more of the Burning Girl Series!

4.5/5 Stars

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