Book Review: Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge

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BiP: 5/5

Verdict: Must read!! It took me a little while to get into Eeny Meeny, but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down! M.J. Arlidge does a phenomenal job at slowly drawing the reader and then BAM crazy ending! I pride myself on knowing how thrillers and mysteries end, but I really did not see the ending coming! If you like dark twisted thrillers I highly suggest picking up Eeny Meeny!!! Can’t wait to start Pop Goes the Weasle!!

Synopsis: Helen Grace is a dective in Belfast. She’s seen a lot of twisted killers, but the newest stalking Belfast is nothing like she’s ever seen before. The “serial killer” plays a game with the victims. Two victims trapped with a gun and a cellphone. The cell phone gives them their must die and the other will be let go… When Helen Grace interviews the survivors she can’t believe what stories they are telling her. As more seemingly random victims disapear, Helen starts connects the dots and things get more and more chilling…who is the culprit and can Helen stop them before the culprit goes after someone she knows?

Pros: Arlidge does a great job of making readers think, if you were in their situation, would you kill?? This book really dives into the human psych…how long could you be in an enclosed space with no food or water before you snapped? She makes it really hard to decide whose side you’re on…the victim or the killers!? The story gets darker and more twisted as it develops and suddenly ends with a bang!

Cons: Chapters are really really short…like only a couple of pages!! Makes it easy to finish chapters, but you always want to start a new one to see what happens! Eeny Meeny is also slightly graphic (I didn’t mind it) about details of the crimes and imprisonment of the victims, so wouldn’t suggest it for the faint of hearts!

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